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Microsoft FMM-00001 Type Cover for spot Pro - Black

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>>> Microsoft FMM 00001 Type Cover <<<

Microsoft FMM 00001 Type Cover

Warrantry :

1 Year limited Warranty

Feature :

  • Surface Pro Type cover has a new greater upon structure and structure together by technique of slightly spread out keys for a much more familiar and reliable typing come to meaning that feels know-how a traditional laptop
  • The two button trackpad is now larger for preciseness by technique of and navigation
  • The keyboard is sturdy together by technique of enhanced magnetic stability together by technique of you the fold so you can adjust it to the right angle and get the job done on your lap, on the plane, or within your desk.

    Since it's fashioned just for Surface
  • Protects and shields the computer filter from Bumps and Scratches
  • Compatible together by technique of spot Pro 3, spot Pro 4 and spot Pro.

Details :

Microsoft FMM-00001 Type Cover for covering Pro - Black

Microsoft FMM-00001 Type Cover For area Pro - Black