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Logitech MX Anywhere 2S wifi Mouse by using FLOW Cross-Computer management and File Sharing for PC and Mac

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>>> Logitech MX 2S wireless network Mouse FLOW <<<

Logitech MX 2S wireless network Mouse FLOW

Warrantry :

1 - year restricted warranty

Feature :

  • CROSS-COMPUTER CONTROL - Logitech Flow wil you to seamlessly command different instruments and quite possibly copy-paste subject material and paperwork between al computers
  • TRACKS VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE - quite possibly on glass
  •  RECHARGABLE BATTERY - Up to 70 days of electric electricity on lone charge
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY - Use together with the help of up to three Windows or Mac computers thru bundled Unifying receiver or Bluetooth clever wireless network technology
  • Hyper quickly scrolling

Details :

The MX ANYWHERE 2S is the sophisticated smartphone or easily transportable mouse for strength users.

grab the strength of Logitech Flow and consider multi-computer use to a bold new level.

regulate up to three computers and seamlessly move text, images and files between devices.

Scroll by method of reports and web pages speedier and a lot less complicated with the help of the hyper-fast scroll wheel.

MX ANYWHERE 2S is ready when you are.

It holds a 100 % payment for by method of two months and in just three minutes you pick up an adequate amount of strength for a 100 % day of usage.

perform virtually anywhere with the help of amplified exactness tracking --even on glass.

Its compact, sculpted shape is crafted to present the regulate you require to have anywhere- with the help of home, with the help of perform or on the go.

regulate Up To Three Computers And Seamlessly Move Text, Images And Files Between Devices.

Scroll thru records And Web Pages quicker And Easier
with the help of The Hyper-fast Scroll Wheel.

MX ANYWHERE 2S Is Ready When You Are.

It Holds A max impose For around Two Months And In Just Three Minutes You Get
adequate electricity For A max Day Of Usage.

deliver the results Virtually Anywhere with the help of substantial accurate Tracking --even On Glass.

Its Compact, Sculpted Shape Is Crafted To provide The regulate You require Anywhere- from Home, from deliver the results Or On The Go.