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APC 1500VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, APC UPS Back-UPS Pro (BX1500M)

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>>> APC 1500VA UPS Battery Backup <<<

APC 1500VA UPS Battery Backup

Feature :

  • 1500VA / 900W UPS Battery Backup vitality Supply.

    jogging Temperature : 0 to 40 degree Celsius
  • 10 Total Outlets (NEMA 5-15R): 5 Outlets have Battery Backup plus Surge Protection; 5 Outlets Surge Protection Only
  • Automatic voltage Regulation (AVR) adjusts for minor vitality fluctuations and maintains safer voltage conditions free of using battery backup power
  • 6' vitality Cord (NEMA 5-15P) together utilizing right-angle 3-prong wall plug, and FREE PowerChute power-management software
  • 1Gb network dataline surge protection prevents dangerous surges going together datalines from damaging your equipment
  • Backed by APC's 3 Year Warranty

Details :

APC 1500VA UPS Back-UPS Pro mini-tower backup ability supply provides great ability protection for your critical residentia and smaller business devices.

An APC UPS provides backup ability energy and surge protection to ability and protect your PC or Mac, network router, gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, AV and different business electronics from the dangers of ability surges, spikes, lightning and ability outages.

By powering your critical electronics by using a backup battery throughout blackouts, you be sure unique and professional interaction and communication when it matters most.

innovations in efficiency, size and surge protection come with the time of an affordable price, making the Back-UPS Pro mini-tower battery backup UPS models a appropriate method for your ability protection needs.

energy Power And Surge Protection To energy And Protect Your PC Or Mac, Network Router, Gaming Consoles like Xbox And PS4, AV And different Business Electronics From The Dangers
Of energy Surges, Spikes, Lightning And energy Outages.

By Powering Your Critical Electronics utilizing A Backup Battery with the time of Blackouts, You ensure particular And Professional
online When It Matters Most.

innovations In Efficiency, Size And Surge Protection Come with An Affordable Price, Making The Back-UPS Pro Mini-tower Battery Backup UPS Models A excellent method For Your energy Protection Needs.